Mission Statement

  •          To preserve the historic and economic impact of the railroad industry on the development of Rocky Mount.
  •          To provide an entertaining and educational experience of railroading through model railroad layouts.
  •          To honor and recognize local citizens who worked in the railroad industry. 

(ACL Champion E7 1951 Florida Print courtesy of Mr. Tony Howe, freelance artist and conductor)

For more information, please contact Joyce Edwards Dantzler at President@rmrailroad.org



The Rocky Mount Railroad Museum is a new addition to the historical and artistic climate of Rocky Mount NC. The museum transports visitors back` through years gone by as they view pictures of long-gone steam engines and their diesel replacements. Model engines and trains, ranging in sizes from 1:12 down to N and Z Gauge, stately take their places among historic artifacts, maps, portraits, murals and paintings. The museum is a place of fun for all. Operate an O Gauge train set by yourself. Watch it speed past the farm and animals over to the lake where the bathers are enjoying the water; then back to the farm. Next, stand in awe as the HO Gauge trains zoom near "Ray Towne" with its KFC, town hall, peaceful neighborhood, church and gas station and other businesses. The trolley speedily circles the town in search of riders. The trains then rush out to the industrial area, pass the CSX intermodal, the train station a mill and various other industries. Train historians, when present, will paint a mental image of Atlantic Coast Line and Seaboard Coast Line Railroads' grand days of passenger travel and the magnificence of their mighty engines. So much to see and enjoy at the museum. Come on out and get, "ALL ABOARD."

 Joyce Edwards Dantzler, President